Voice Recognition is Simple!

Vista Speech is already built in

your Microsoft Windows Vista

computer.  All you need is a

TriGram MedTopics add-on


Vista Speech is Free --- All You Need Is A Medical Vocabulary: Trigram MedTopics©

Vista Speech is growing in popularity for Medical Transcription...

We know that Medical Transcription can be a costly venture.  There are many voice recognition solutions on the market to aid in the yearly cost and turn around time for your medical records.

But, how many of them are FREE and already on your computer?  What we have done is taken Vista Speech, a voice recognition program you already own, and made it better!

Trigram MedTopics© is a fully integrated speech topic added in to Vista Speech.  This includes medical terminology from 41 medical specialties created with the phonemes and contextual basis gathered from thousands of medical records.  If you want to know more about the process read here.

We also offer a powerful and easy to use Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is fully integrated in to Microsoft Word, MedTemps©.

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