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Who is Trigram Technology?

Trigram Technology was founded by Joseph Buckle, who has been recognized as the leading developer of dynamic continuous speech recognition language models for the medical industry since 1996.  Mr. Buckle has created medical language models for today's IBM, Dragon/L&H speech engines since 1996.   Trigram Technology is a privately held company based in Southern California.  Their latest development involves the integration of their renowned vocabularies in to the Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating systems, and that's why we're here!  Medical dictation topics (MedTopics®) are now available for Windows Speech Recognition® (WSR).  Healthcare professionals now have the ability to dictate medical reports and/or notes on the popularly growing Vista® and Windows 7®, 32-bit and 64-bit -based PC operating system by simply adding a Trigram Technology MedTopics®.


What is TrigramTopics?

The Trigram MedTopics© are medical language models, classified by Microsoft as dictation topics, and are available for over 40 medical specialties. The Trigram MedTopics© integrate seamlessly into Windows Vista® and Windows 7®.  Doctors can now use Windows Vista® or Windows 7® speech recognition to dictate into Trigram Technology MedTemps EMR, any third party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program, or any PC application running on a Windows Vista® or Windows 7®-based PC.

Medical dictation topics benefit anyone wanting to eliminate transcription errors, save on transcription costs, and complete medical records faster while using an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program.  WSR® in conjunction with Trigram MedTopics© provides the best (and one of the most affordable) platforms for end users, application developers and OEM clients who want to add medical speech recognition capabilities.  End users can simply purchase Trigram MedTopics© and dictate into any application and/or EMR on their PC.  OEM developers can license Trigram MedTopics© and have speech recognition added immediately without any additional software code.  As a result, Trigram MedTopics© can be licensed and seamlessly integrated into any third party medical application in a very fast and cost effective manner.


Here's how Trigram Technology's MedTopics® work so well:

It comes down to three basic aspects, ordered in a descending level of importance, but the combination of the three are needed to make your dictation accurate.

  1. Phonetics

  2. Context knowledge

  3. Vocabulary

If the speech engine cannot understand the delivered phonetics then it will never get the correct word no matter how many words you have in the vocabulary.   Then, if it cannot accurately convert the phonetics into probable context (i.e. what you are most likely to say next in a given sentence made up of words based on that context) it will not get the dictation correct.  So, the amount of words in the vocabulary is not what will make it accurate.  Having the phonetics + context + vocabulary within a given specialty is what will make it more accurate.

When you dictate, the speech program converts your voice into sounds or phonemes.  The speech engine then takes these phonemes and starts to build possible words based on the specific sounds.  These possible words are then compared to a database of context knowledge.  Based on the context the speech engine outputs the words to your computer.

This is what makes the program to type “anteroinferior” instead of “ants are inferior” or any other likewise phonetically sounded word.

All of our Trigram MedTopics® are compiled based on a previous analysis of hundreds of thousands of actual dictations within a given medical specialty.  Trigram Technology makes sure the specialty is covered to a 99+% including phonetics, context and vocabulary.



Blends of up to 3 specific vocabularies can be made at no additional cost!

Medical Specialties / Subspecialties Available


General Surgery
Nuclear Medicine
Behavioral Health Internal Medicine Psychiatry Radiology


Physical Medicine
Chiropractic Nephrology

Physical Therapy

Vascular Surgery
Dermatology OBGYN Psychology Veterinary Med.
Disability Eval. Oncology Pulmonary Dental
Endicrinology Opthamology Pain Management
Oral Surgery
Orthopedics Neuro- Psychiatry Medical Legal
Family Practice Plastic Surgery
ER/Urgent Care
Gastroenterology Pathology Urology
General Medicine Pediatrics Workers Comp.